Dreamy Civil Wedding in Tuscany

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Civil Ceremonies

In many cases people ask themselves whether to choose a civil ceremony or a church wedding, and lately if celebrating a civil ceremony and the wedding later.
According to our experience each couple has a different story to tell and the right ceremony depends a lot on how you’ve always dreamed that day. Of course there are some differences that characterize the civil ceremony marriages held in Italy.

Civil ceremonies in Italy

Civil Marriages celebrated in Italy are recognised worldwide and they are conducted in accordance with Italian regulations. Civil ceremonies will be performed in Italian by a Mayor or his substitute with an official interpreter (for couples who don’t speak Italian). You will need two adult witnesses, which we can provide if needed.
A civil wedding is an official act and of course there’s some paperwork needed. We cannot give generic information about this topic as the necessary documentation varies according to the nationality of the bride and groom and their marital status.
Celebrating your marriage abroad means you’re planning a dreamy wedding: relying on experienced wedding planners like us you won’t have to worry about anything and your destination wedding will be stress-free and a dream coming true.

Marriage vows in a civil ceremony

Usually the regular ceremony itself lasts about twenty minutes, but if you’re thinking about making it more special and personal, upon request you can enrich your wedding in Tuscany with personal readings, poems or simply change the traditional wedding vows into something that tells more about your personal story.
After the exchange of vows, the rings are also exchanged and then the witnesses sign the wedding act as do the Bride and Groom. Of course, it is possible to play music during the ceremony and in general if you need some help to find some nice ideas on how to plan your own civil wedding ceremony we can help you out.

Civil Ceremonies venues in Tuscany

Civil weddings in Italy can only be performed in a Registry Office, most are located in a town hall in historical buildings and offer a lovely setting for a wedding.
The registry fee varies from one Town Hall to another.
Outdoor civil ceremonies in Tuscany can be held only in certain locations and only in villas and palaces approved by the Municipalities. Yet most of them are absolutely amazing and create a special and romantic atmosphere perfect to share a moment of such a great importance.

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