Unforgettable Religious Wedding ceremony
in Tuscany

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Religious Weddings

To be legally binding Catholic weddings ceremonies can only be celebrated in consecrated churches. In Tuscany we can count on the many beautiful churches full of great works of arts of the Reinaissance, Middle Age and so on. The ceremony has to be held in the presence of at least two adult witnesses.

Religious marriage ceremony legalities in Italy

This type of ceremony involves a good deal of paperwork but we will assist you through and guide you step by step.
As we said the religious ceremony must take place in sacred church or chapel. This means no gardens, no villas (unless the villa has its own consecrated chapel) can be chosen as the ceremony venue. We can provide English speaking priests who will assist and perform your ceremony. Most of them will require to meet with you at least once before your wedding day.
If you have been divorced, you will not be allowed to marry again in a Catholic Church. In these cases, the only way to perform a Catholic marriage ceremony is to acquire an annulment of marriage and have it recognized by the Church.
We strongly advise that you start the paperwork well in advance to make sure that the Italian Diocese has time to process all documents but please note that you should not apply for documents and certificates more than six months prior to wedding date or they will expire.
The documents will be sent directly to the Italian Diocese and we will keep in touch with them to ensure that the documentation is in order. 
Getting married in a religious ceremony is a meaningful moment expressed by the rituals, the vows and the church itself.

Non-Catholic religious marriage ceremonies

Any other type of religious ceremony can be performed. For example, Protestant marriage ceremonies can be either a simple blessing without civil validity or a civil binding Protestant wedding which involves the process of civil weddings paperwork. 
Experienced wedding planner will always be by your side
Don’t worry about the paperwork, even if it is not simple we rely on experienced wedding planners that will help you get through these legalities and take care of more enjoyable aspects of the wedding too, in order to get you the best marriage in Tuscany ever.

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