• Wedding Locations in Tuscany

  • Wedding Locations in Tuscany

Every wedding location in Tuscany has its own character.

The destination wedding sites in Tuscany are unique in every way imaginable and each has something special to offer you that is not found anywhere else.

Here's overview of the most charming and romantic cities you may choose as your wedding location in Tuscany.

Weddings in Florence


The banks of the Arno, the dome of the Duomo, Santa Croce, Palazzo Pitti, Ponte Vecchio, Piazzale Michelangelo, the alleys and the squares, and every corner of this city is the perfect setting for a photo, every street evokes art and history. What better location for a wedding The atmosphere of Florence is very unique, one of the most beautiful cities in the world as a setting for your wedding, it will surely be a unique and unrepeatable occasion .



While approaching the city you will discover that Siena is an enchanting place. The winding roads that take you to the city of the Palio will show you landscapes that will leave you speechless. The hills and the trees will appear as designed. The vineyards and the countryside will leave you with a sense of peace that difficult to find in other parts of the world. Siena has the gift to transport visitors to another dimension. The walls, the palaces, the air you breath belong to the past. Traditions that relive every day through architecture and relics of the past which created the world as we know it today. Give yourself the best day of your life in an enchanted corner of Tuscany.

Weddings in Lucca


With its boundary walls and antique buildings Lucca is considered to be the centre of the good society of Tuscany .Lucca is a wonderful choice if you have always dreamed of an elite wedding. You will find beautiful churches and historic buildings, (in fact Lucca is nicknamed "the city of a hundred churches"), fine dining and hospitality worthy of the best Tuscan tradition. City of ancient origins with a very mixed territory, it goes from the banks of the river Serchio to the Apuan Alps. Lucca finds a perfect balance between the hills, mountains and sea. There are also numerous villas in the countryside, often used for weddings and ceremonies.

Weddings in San Gimignano

San Gimignano

San Gimignano is the ideal place if you want a special wedding. The town offers a unique and refined atmosphere. A characteristic of the historical center is its unmistakable profile: appearing from the hill the towers carefully preserved over the centuries stand out among the houses. In the medieval town of San Gimignano it feels as if time has stopped. If on your wedding day you want to immerse yourself in an atmosphere that evokes the splendors of the past then San Gimignano is the place for you. Especially during the summer, in this picturesque setting there are many art and cultural activities like concerts and operas represented in the squares. You will give your guests a different and special holiday.

Weddings in Certaldo


Imagine a village which stands out on a knoll surrounded by brick towers and houses with attention to every detail. This enchanted place is Certaldo, ideal for a simple wedding full of romance. In this town located in the heart of Tuscany you will find friendliness, excellent food and wine, comfortable accommodations and little gems of art and history as the Palazzo Pretorio. The Palazzo is in the upper part of Certaldo, where it is perfectly preserved in its original medieval charm.

Weddings in Pisa


Pisa is known throughout the world for its leaning tower which is located in Piazza dei Miracoli, a must for those who are visiting the city. In this square we find the most significant religious complex of the city consisting of the Leaning Tower, the Baptistery, the Cathedral and the ancient cemetery. Leaving Piazza Dei Miracoli, we find the Archbishop's Palace and Piazza dei Cavalieri with the church bearing the same name. Not to forget the Palazzo dell'Orologio or the Torre della Fame , where the famous Count Ugolino was imprisoned back in 1200. Pisa is also known for its excellent university considered one of the most important schools of Italy. Pisa is full of historical monuments (produced with white Carrara marble) , the beautiful architecture known as "romanico pisano" cherishes its black and white marble facades.
A magical blend of sky, sea, coast, nature and art is waiting for you in Pisa!

Weddings in Arezzo


Arezzo is situated between the valleys of the Chiana, the Tiber, the Arno and the mountains of the Casentino. It was one of the oldest and most powerful Etruscan cities before the foundation of Rome .The different dominations and wars did not keep the arts from flourishing in Arezzo .The goldsmith's craftwork is the main resource of the city. Arezzo is a place where you can enjoy nature and simplicity, where a combination of peace ,legend and romance make you relive the past. Those who love art and culture will appreciate the many medieval churches, castles and monasteries. The Casentino National Park is an oasis of peace in the picturesque Tuscan nature. Arezzo was home to important writers and artists like Michelangelo, Vasari, Petrarca, Mecenate, Masaccio, Piero della Francesca and many others who created their works of art in this city.