Romantic Symbolic Wedding in Tuscany

  • Symbolic Wedding Ceremony Tuscany

Symbolic Wedding Ceremony in Tuscany

A symbolic wedding ceremony can be celebrated almost anywhere (exceopt consecrated churches), but some placed are better than others. Tuscany is a romantic destination and celebrating a symbolic ceremony has a special meaning to the couple and so the destination is probably one the most important decisions to take while planning it.

What is a symbolic ceremony

A symbolic ceremony is a special moment in which you and your partner celebrate the love you feel for each other in front of your families and friends. The difference between a symbolic wedding ceremony and a civil or a religious wedding is that it has no legal value.
Actually a symbolic ceremony can simply consist of personalized scripts and vows and ring exchange or just add your own personal touch with readings, poems etc.
Symbolic wedding ceremonies are celebrated by an English speaking layman celebrant but we can also provide layman officiants speaking other languages.

Why choosing to celebrate a symbolic ceremony in Tuscany

Many couples lately decide to have a civil ceremony in their own country and then celebrate their wedding with a symbolic ceremony in Tuscany with friends and relatives. Or it is quite common that a couple decides to renew their weddings vows in Italy, in order to show each other their love again after it has survived for years.
A symbolic ceremony is the ideal solution for couples who does not want or can’t celebrate a civil or religious wedding ceremony, thus avoiding the processing of legal or religious documentation and town hall fees in Italy.

Symbolic ceremonies venues ideas

Civil weddings in Italy can only be performed in a Registry Office, most are located in a town hall in historical buildings and offer a lovely setting for a wedding.
A manicured garden, a vineyard, a panoramic terrace could be the perfect venue for a symbolic wedding ceremony, and as there are no legal limitations or restrictions you can almost find the Tuscan spot that better fits your dreams and make it the location of the ceremony.

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